Pistol Suppressor Wrap
October 30, 2018
Typhoon – Rifle Suppressor Wrap
October 30, 2018
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These wraps do not have Nomex.

These will work for hand guards, very light duty Suppressor use or other misc applications.  can remove straps, includes paracord
Suppressor wraps help eliminate optical mirage and help you protect yourself, and your gear against suppressor heat. They also provide a way to attach camouflage elements like vegetation for concealment.

Our Wraps were designed for precision shooting and not for heavy semi or full auto sustained fire.

These 1st generation wraps come with a 90 day workmanship warranty.

The 1.375 sizes finish out at 5” in width
The 1.5. Sizes finish out at 5.5” in width
1.625 sizes finish out at 5.75 to 6”” in width (varies)
1.85 size is 6.85”

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Instructions on how to lace up Elite Iron Suppressor Wraps can be downloaded here: DOWNLOAD PDF

Elite Iron Suppressor Wraps can only be sold to U.S. residents and U.S. government agencies. Elite Iron can only conduct export sales to foreign governments with approval from the Department of State and within ITAR regulations.

Our Panning Bipods are back in stock, however our Standard Aluminum models are still out two weeks, while both Steel models are out 3 to 4 weeks. We appreciate your patience.