At Elite Iron we pride ourselves on investing the time and engineering into crafting the finest sound suppression on the market today. We listen to those in the field who use and train with our products. Our innovations and designs stem from developments we have made for some of the worlds most elite shooting individuals and military operators. We only build the best. If you are unsure of which suppressor is right for you, please call us and allow us to direct you to the best suppressor for your desired goal.

If you are looking for a Modular Suppressor we have the ASSET line of Suppressors. Is a Suppressor for your AR platform what you want? Checkout the BRAVO1, BATTLEDOG and CQC suppressors. Shooting the distance and want uncompromising performance? Our Direct Thread Suppressors will keep you on target. We also have Large Bore Suppressors for .375 caliber to .50 BMG rifles.